Turmeric Essential Oil - (Curcuma Longa) Organic & 100% Therapeutic Grade

  • Turmeric Essential Oil - (Curcuma  Longa) Organic & 100% Therapeutic Grade

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Turmeric essential oil derived from the root of the turmeric plan. It reduces swelling, detoxify the body, stop cancer, optimize absorption, avoid hair loss, inspire circulation, improve the health of the skin, strengthen the immune system, protect the heart, add taste to food and boost cognition.Also protects the skin from infection and pain. It controls the extent of pain as well as providing pain relief through its palliative effects.Helpful in muscle pain.


  • Turmeric oil is steam distilled from the underground roots of the turmeric plant.
  • It possess yellow or orange color.
  • It is very helpful to treat breakouts as it naturally dries out acne .
  • As turmeric is known to be natural antioxidant, it helps to prevent wrinkles and treat skin blemishes.


Add a drop of turmeric oil in coconut oil and massage on face, it helps to sooth skin and keeps skin acne or blemish free.


  • These oils are for external use only.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Avoid application of these oils on sensitive and damages skin.

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