Pomegranate Carrier Oil - Punica Granatum

  • Pomegranate Carrier Oil - Punica Granatum

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Pomegranate oil is extracted from the seeds of Pomegranate fruit. It is used in cosmetic products. It revitalizes the skin, assists in removing wrinkles from the skin, moisturizes it and makes it look tighter. This oil is rich in anti oxidants. It improves the skin elasticity and protects the skin. It has anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties as well. It is a good source of conjugated fatty acids and pumice acid. It supports the immune system and helps the body fight against cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Pomegranate oil eases the symptoms associated with menopause like mood swings, hot flash, night sweat etc. It is also beneficial in treating poor blood circulation of body.

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