Basil Essential Oil - (Ocimum Basilicum) Organic & 100% Therapeutic Grade

  • Basil Essential Oil - (Ocimum  Basilicum) Organic & 100% Therapeutic Grade

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"Basil Oil is the process of steam . Basil Oil is a sacred plant and also a Ayurvedic medicines. It is using herbal ingredients that helps in hair growth. Basil Oil plays an active role in treating colds,coughs, anxiety, infection, flatulence, tiredness, insect bites and also in repellent, sinus infection, bronchitis, depression, sadness,dry cough.


  • Basil essential oil is obtained from the leaves of basil plant by the process of steam distillation.
  • It has many beneficial and medicinal properties.
  • It helps in proper functioning of digestive system.
  • It also aids seasonal cough & cold and restores normal body temperature.


Add few drops of basil oil on a piece of cloth or handkerchief and smell, it relieves cold. Do not inhale directly.


  • These oils are for external use only.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Avoid application of these oils on sensitive and damages skin.

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